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Rick Renner is widely known for his interpretation of the Greek New Testament and his engaging teaching style. His teaching is punctuated by a unique ability to draw vividly descriptive word pictures from the Greek that illuminate the Scriptures in a fresh, new way. Rick also distinctively shares Bible principles through contemporary illustrations set against an extensive cultural and historical backdrop of New Testament times. In each episode of “Rick Renner,” Rick teaches in-depth on a passage of Scripture verse by verse, centered around a specific theme that is vitally relevant to the lives of believers who are hungry to dig deeper into the treasures of God’s Word. For more information, visit www.renner.org.

Rick Renner is a highly respected leader, teacher, and author within the global Christian community. Rick ministered widely throughout the United States for many years before answering God’s call in 1991 to move his family to the former Soviet Union and plunge into the heart of its newly emerging Church. Rick and Denise Renner currently pastor the fast-growing Moscow Good News Church, located in the very heart of Moscow, Russia. Today the Moscow Good News Church is one of the largest Protestant churches in the city of Moscow, with several thousand people in active attendance.

The vision of Rick Renner Ministries is to do its part in helping to bring every person to maturity in Christ. To this end, Rick Renner founded both a seminary and a ministerial association. The Good News Training Center is a school that operates as a part of the Moscow Good News Church.  It specializes in training leaders to start new churches all over the former Soviet Union. Rick Renner Ministries also owns and operates the Media Mir Television Network, the first Christian television network in the former USSR that today broadcasts the Gospel to countless Russian-speaking viewers around the world via multiple satellites and the Internet.

The ministry translates and publishes many books in the Russian language from its Good News Distribution Department.  Through the years, literally tons of books have been delivered free of charge to people in that region of the world to help them grow in their relationship with God. In addition, Rick Renner Ministries is also involved in various aspects of social evangelism in Moscow, using innovative methods to reach different age groups of people — such as children and their parents, teenagers, and the elderly — whose needs have largely gone unmet by society. The ministry has offices in England, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine, and the United States. For more information, visit www.renner.org.

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