Think Big

7:00AM Saturdays

Think Big features top kid inventors who face off against each other in an InventOff to see who can come up with the most innovative and creative invention.

Each episode is set in the Think Tank, a studio filled top to bottom with art supplies and construction materials. Two teams, each led by a Featured Inventor, brainstorm, choose materials, and then sketch, design and build their idea. Once completed, the competing inventions are presented to a judge. The best invention wins bragging rights and the coveted Genius Cup.

In Think Big, kids acquire and showcase their skills in creativity, science, innovation, marketing, design and teamwork. May the brightest mind win!

Think Big is a kid-hosted entertaining series for young people following the worlds most innovative kids as they create and invent new toys, games, learning tools, websites and new modes of transportation. Some even start their own companies! E/I, age 13-16