Scaly Adventures

8:30AM Saturdays

“Scaly Adventures is not just a TV show about reptiles!  It is a show about a real family that is passionate about being a positive voice in the world.”


Scaly Adventures is an E/I family friendly action and adventure broadcast television series.  Every episode highlights incredible animals, great people and educational organizations that are making a positive impact in our world.  Join the Scaly Adventures Crew: Pierce, Tanya & Rick Curren, as they take you around the world to explore.





*Overcoming Fears

*Following Your Dreams

*Pursuing Your Passions

*Exploring A Wide Variety Of Careers

*Having A Fun and Fulfilling Life With Your Family


The Curren family is a REAL family.  They were not the product of a casting call like many “reality” shows are today.  Born out of a young boy’s passion to teach others about amazing animals and cool places to explore, today the show is in its fourth season with episodes airing every day on six continents.  What makes this story so amazing is that they have no help from the entertainment world in producing the show.  They develop, write, film, edit, produce & distribute each episode of Scaly Adventures from their Greenville, South Carolina home.  Their hope is that others will see that you can “follow your dreams and do what you were created to do” regardless of who you are or what your present circumstances may be.


Above all, Scaly Adventures is FUN!  Life is about exploring and learning, growing and experiencing, daring and succeeding.  Every Scaly Adventures episode shows viewers a world of opportunity and takes them on exciting adventures.  The Scaly Adventures Crew has a passion for showing others our amazing world where viewers are inspired to try new things for themselves.